(japanese "seaweed") 



(folding art)



The Japanese are known for perfection in all that they do. We strive to create aesthetically pleasing food through our nori tacos, where we combine crispy nori tempura shells with mouthwatering Japanese inspired fillings.

Its not just tacos, its art. 




it all started...

It all started one (slightly drunken) night when our chef was working a late shift at her part-time cooking job at the local sushi restaurant. With nothing to look forward to but a slow night, bored experimentation began. As somewhat of a joke, a sheet of nori was dipped into tempura batter and dropped into the fryer. We added some leftover sushi rice, krab mix, and whatever sushi scraps we got our hands on and TA-DAH!

The sushi nori taco was born.